pretty sure my director spends more time on me than anyone else and idk if that’s a good thing, but he hasn’t said anything negative yet (unless you count telling me he can’t see my face because of my hair but even that was couched under “your facial expressions are great i just wish i could see more of them”) and i know i just look like constantly petrified every time he says my name but it’s always to compliment me or ask me about my insight into the character and i just

this is so stressful but also good???

also he asked me a question tonight and i couldn't figure out how to answer it and it sucked because it wasn't like i didn't know the character well enough but he was asking me how i'd portray something and i didn't know how to describe idk i guess just actually ACT? without being a tool words are not my friends a doll's house tag sam's life

myers-briggs personality types

↳ INFJ (The Counselor)

INFJs often appear quiet, caring and sensitive, and may be found listening attentively to someone else’s ideas or concerns. They are highly perceptive about people and want to help others achieve understanding. INFJs are not afraid of complex personal problems; in fact, they are quite complex themselves, and have a rich inner life that few are privy to. They reflect at length on issues of ethics, and feel things deeply. Because Counselors initially appear so gentle and reserved, they may surprise others with their intensity when one of their values is threatened or called into question. Their calm exterior belies the complexity of their inner worlds.

Because INFJs are such complex people, they may be reluctant to engage with others who might not understand or appreciate them, and can thus be hard to get to know. Although they want to get along with others and support them in their goals, they are fiercely loyal to their own system of values and will not follow others down a path that does not feel authentic to them. When they sense that their values are not being respected, or when their intuition tells them that someone’s intentions are not pure, they are likely to withdraw.


  • least common type in the population
  • among highest of all types in college GPA
  • among most likely to stay in college
  • most likely of all types to cope with stress by seeing a therapist
  • highest of all types in marital dissatisfaction
  • personal values include spirituality, learning, and community service
  • commonly found in careers in religion, counseling, teaching, and the arts
  • famous infjs: gandhi, carl jung, eleanor roosevelt, and emily bronte

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oh fuck yes will graham AND rust cohle infj